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When injuries are catastrophic in nature, victims are often unable to return to their normal lives. Catastrophic injuries are those that are so severe, they result in physical or cognitive impairment, which can either be temporary or permanent. In most cases, catastrophic injuries have a profound effect not only on victims but on their family members and loved ones as well.

At the Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC, we have represented thousands of injured individuals and their families. Our Arlington catastrophic injury lawyer understands the unique concerns of those facing a lifetime of medical care, long-term lifestyle changes, and other costs. We work directly with our clients to create a methodical and tactical approach aimed at maximizing their recoveries.

If you or your loved one suffered a catastrophic injury, contact our office online or by calling (703) 457-1300. Free consultations are available.

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries & How They Occur

Catastrophic injuries can occur in all types of ways. That being said, some of the most common causes of catastrophic injuries include motor vehicle accidents, including those involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents can also result in catastrophic injuries, as can defective products, dangerous property conditions, and instances of medical malpractice.

What is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

What makes an injury “catastrophic?” Essentially, any time an injury results in temporary or permanent disability, it is considered catastrophic in nature. There are many different types of catastrophic injuries.

Catastrophic Injury Examples Include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries - This can include anything from major concussions to brain hemorrhages (bleeding) and skull fractures. The brain is a vital organ, so any damage suffered to this area can often result in extreme side effects.
  • Spinal cord injuries - When it comes to spinal injuries, an injury will either be complete or incomplete. For a complete spinal cord injury the victim has usually suffered permanent damage to a particular area, resulting in a long-term injury. An incomplete spinal cord injury is when the spine has only suffered partial damage, and the resulting loss of movement and feeling will depend on how severe the injury is.
  • Accidental amputation - This type of injury, like those above, is often life-altering because it can severely limit a victim's ability to care for themselves (and others) in the future. Often limb loss can result in one's inability to work or to even carry out the most basic functions.
  • Internal organ damage - These types of catastrophic injuries often take the form of chest or abdominal injuries, and can often include internal bleeding.
  • Loss of vision - This type of injury can result from several things. It may be an external injury caused by damage to the eye itself, or a side-effect of a brain injury.
  • Loss of hearing - Similar to loss of vision, loss of hearing may either result from a direct injury to the ear itself, or it may be a side-effect of another greater injury, such as a traumatic brain injury.
  • Severe burns - Burns may be sustained in any number of accidents, from a catastrophic car crash to being caught in a fire. Burns may also be sustained as a result of work accidents involving chemicals, electrical burns, radiation, or even friction.
  • Multiple bone fractures - Bone fractures most often occur as a result of car accidents or serious falls.
  • Certain back and shoulder injuries - Some back and shoulder injuries can result in serious side-effects and even long-term disability.

Catastrophic injuries can result in cognitive issues, mental retardation, paralysis (including paraplegia and quadriplegia), serious infections, and other complications. Typically, the medical care required to treat catastrophic injuries is extensive and costly. Families can find themselves struggling to stay on top of mounting medical bills, particularly when the victim is no longer able to work as a result of his/her injuries.

How We Can Help

If you or your loved one suffered a catastrophic injury as a result of someone else’s negligent, careless, or intentional actions, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your losses. These losses can include things like medical bills, lost income/wages, lost earning ability, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of support, and more.

The Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC can help you fully understand your legal rights and options. Our catastrophic injury attorney in Arlington has vast legal experience and has recovered over $25 million on behalf of injured individuals and their loved ones. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with a member of our legal team today.

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  • $945,000 Severe Neck & Back Injury | Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $750,000 Severe Broken Leg | Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $565,000 Severe Back & Knee Injuries | Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $400,000 Confidential Products Liability
  • $385,000 Severe Back Injury | Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $375,000 Medical Malpractice
  • $350,000 Broken Leg & Ankle | Pedestrian Accident
  • $300,000 Back Injury | Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $265,000 Severe Back Injury | Motor Vehicle Accident

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